Meet the Students



Reason for Joining Robotics

Fun Fact

Grace C.


I was nagged by my friends until I joined. But since then, I have not regretted a single moment with this team.

Mark Twain is my uncle.

Kaelin D.


I found the opportunity to make new friends, and I couldn't be more grateful for each and every one of them.

I can rap Ice Ice Baby at the speed of light.

Sami M.


I came to Mercy for robotics. I had always loved robotics but I often ended up the only girl and I always felt like I wasn't respected. I joined because I love robotics but the all-girls aspect truly drew me in.

I have a mild addiction to the Sims 4

Gabrielle C.


I thought it would be fun and it's somewhere to make new friends. Sleeping is my favorite hobby

Kaitlyn G.


I joined TechTigers because I love STEM. I play two instruments.

Izabella A.


I'm in programming this year. I want to focus on computer science and computer engineering in the future. Also, my sister was captain of TechTigers in 2019. I play a lot of instruments, piano, percussion, guitar, ukulele.

Marylyn A.


I wanted to build robots because I think they're cool and also to collect pins from other teams. It's a lifestyle, right? I love roller skating!

Lian O.


I came because my friend told me I should do it, the fact that robots are cool, and because I remember eating cookies on a school tour through the robotics workshop. My brother vividly recalls that I ate a plastic spoon when I was younger

Emma L.



Emily B.

2025 I started coding in 7th grade and really liked it, and I’ve pretty much always been interested in robotics, since robots are cool. (the team was the main reason I came to Mercy) When I was 8 I lost a tooth while eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, and then proceeded to try to eat the tooth, thinking it was a piece of white chocolate
Cathy W. 2025 I joined because I had heard about and witnessed how committed the team is to servicing the community and young women. I knew that was something I wanted to be a part of. I’m a twin!

Aja JH.

2025 My mom was a mentor a while ago. And I love STEAM. I can play baby shark on 3 different instruments



Annie T.

2025  Aja made me do it.  I have green eyes.