Meet the Students



Reason for Joining Robotics

Fun Fact

Kaitlyn G.


I joined TechTigers because I love STEM. I am on two robotics teams and I dressed as Lightning McQueen for three years in a row.

Lian O.


I came because my friend told me I should do it, the fact that robots are cool, and because I remember eating cookies on a school tour through the robotics workshop. My brother vividly recalls that I ate a plastic spoon when I was younger.

Emma L.


 The voices told me to.  I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.

Emily B.

2025 I started coding in 7th grade and really liked it, and I’ve pretty much always been interested in robotics, since robots are cool. (the team was the main reason I came to Mercy). I know the entire Seagulls bad lip-reading song by heart.

Cathy W.

2025 I joined because I had heard about and witnessed how committed the team is to servicing the community and young women. I knew that was something I wanted to be a part of. I’m a twin!

Aja J.

2025 My mom was a mentor a while ago. And I love STEAM. I can play baby shark on 3 different instruments.


2025  I've been fascinated with the team ever since fifth grade when my FLL team got to visit the TechTigers and toured the Mercy robotics workshop. I pretty much came to Mercy for the team!!!!!  I like to sit in cardboard boxes like a cat from time to time.

Anna P.

2025 I joined because my Dad is in an Engineering field and he thought it would be a good opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge in STEAM. Annie didn't like my original fun fact and made my change it.

Lila C.

2025 It seemed like a great way to learn new skills and hang out with Annie and Cathy. I've never eaten a cheeseburger.

Annie T.

2025  Aja made me do it. I hve been in 9 musicals.

Madison H.

2026  Twas interesting! OMGGGG  I have an existential fear of stop signs.



2026  I've always liked engineering  I know every camp fire song in existence.


2026  Steve told me to...  Billy Joel is my maternal mother and I play the oboe.


2026  I saw a sign (and it opened up my eyes) and I did it middle school I believe there are more chickens on earth than humans!

Tracy N.

2026  A person I used to sit with at lunch told me about it! Aja also introduced me to a mentor. Merry Christmas! I can write in cursive and the first time I worked in the workshop, I got put on the wall shame! I now do business.

Mallory W.

2026 I only joined to be with my besties, but now I'm so glad I joined. I actively play four instruments.

Mariah J.

2026 I was convinced by my friends to join because it would be a fun learning experience and a good scholarship opportunity. I am an artist and specialize in sketching.

Juliana S.


2027 I just signed up at the club fair like a cool person I've played piano for 10 years.