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Buff Bachenheimer

Moderator/Physics Teacher

Chased a shark (not in a boat)

 Mercy Physics

Sarah Bachenheimer

Alumni (2010)

Is named after the Triceratops from "The Land Before Time"

 Tsunami Tsolutions

Stephen Ernst


 Graduated high school with a black eye

 Henkel Loctite

 Kari Fliss

Alumni (2010)

 Once wrestled a bear


 Marie Kalita-Leary

Alumni (1976)  

 Mercy Director of Communications

Susan Devany 



Mercy Development

 Christian O'Keefe


Grew up in Germany and Italy CIDRA
Susan Psoter Mentor   Has 6 sisters and 1 brother and somehow remembers all of their birthdays Mercy science department
Daryl Ruggiero Support  Has a beautiful singing voice Mercy Facility
Kat Seelig Mentor Answers to the name Starbucks, every time she opens her mouth she gets more awesome ESPN
Amanda Varricchio Alumni (2007)

Moved her college professor's office into the woman's bathroom as an April Fool's day prank

Pratt and Whitney
Laurie Witkowski Support   Mercy Guidance
Melissa Bullock Support   Mercy Administration
Sr. Mary McCarthy Support   Mercy Administration