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Fun Fact


Buff Bachenheimer


Chased a shark (not in a boat)

 Mercy Physics Retiree

Sarah Bachenheimer

Mentor/Alumni (2010)

Is named after the Triceratops from "The Land Before Time"


Steve Ernst


 Graduated high school with a black eye

 Henkel Loctite

Spencer Tanchuck Mentor  Has 3 cats. Is allergic to cats  ASML

Kat Seelig


Answers to the name Starbucks, every time she opens her mouth she gets more awesome


Amanda Varricchio

Mentor/Alumni (2007) Moved her college professor's office into the woman's bathroom as an April Fool's day prank

Pratt & Whitney

Sangita Ray

Moderator/Physics Teacher

Loves to draw and paint, but doesn't have the time.

Mercy Physics
Nate DaSilva Parent/Mentor Runs ultra marathons AMC Services
Jun Wu Mentor Likes to boat, but doesn't have a boat CVS
Andy Kasznay Mentor

Built an electric car.


Ashleigh Benedict Mentor/Alumni (2017)  Moved from FL specifically to mentor our team.  TechTigers Alum
George Casner Mentor Worked for Disney for 3 years. Casner Electric LLC