Meet the Students



Reason for Joining Robotics

Fun Fact

Amie A


I did robotics in middle school and really liked it.

I have accidentally kissed my idol's shoulder. Sorry, Dom.

Grace D



My friends convinced me to join. I'm glad they did.

"In business, we destroy our enemies with success."

I know people who eat butterflies, but not personally.

Hannah D


I built and programmed Lego robots in 7th grade, so when I came here and found out about the team, I wanted to join!

I try to do everything and nothing at the same time.

Andrea E


I like to build things and work with my hands. I thought robotics would be a great way to do both those things!

Pizza is a major part of my life, but it's not my favorite food.

Michele G


I'm interested in the STEM field, so when I came to Mercy and found out about the team, I joined it to get involved in something science-y! 

I can burn any type of food in the microwave. It's a talent. 

Jenna I


I plan to pursue engineering when I grow up. I've always been inspired by robotics in jobs and I like being with other people who enjoy the same things I do.

I speak Japanese and work with alpacas.

Kylie J


It sounded cool!!!! ("can you make it sound 'me'?" "okay, sure")

I am building a real airplane!

Caroline K


To learn how to run a business, so I can make a lot of money to fund my presidential campaign.

In second grade I wrote a story about a duckling traveling to France.

Holly L


I joined because I'm a nerd who likes math and science.

I was a competitive figure skater for six years, and I will skate and teach.  

Janelle M


I really love robots and want to hug one. They're adorable!

Update: I have hugged one. It was great :)

I eat Jell-O with chopsticks. On occasion, I use a fork. Never a spoon.

Isabella M


I did it throughout middle school and wanted to join in high school because Mercy Robotics is one of the only all-girls teams in the region and we do so much more than building robots (although building robots is fun!)

I am vegan. That's it.

Ava M


I want to try out a variety of different things to see what I'm interested in. The team seemed cool, so I joined it.

I own three pairs of crocs.

Alondra M


I like the tiger logo with sunglasses and sun necklace.

I'm fluent in English and Spanish, and I can somewhat understand French and Italian.

Paula O



I aspire to be Handy Manny.

I once slept through a fire alarm in a hotel in France.

Krisha P



To make friends. I really need friends. 

I can speak English, partially Spanish, Gujarati, and I can sort of speak Hindi. 

Mira P


I enjoy programming and thought this would be a good opportunity for me, and it is!  Hmm... I once tried a dandelion to see if it would taste good. It didn't.

Dilawaiz R


I thought it was a fun way to spend my time. I've been playing soccer for five years!

Celia R


I thought it would be fun!

If you look closely, you'll notice I have a bald spot on my right eyebrow.

Nora S


I've seen the robots everywhere and I just decided.

Once I accidentally stepped in a nest of bees. I regret it to this day

Alex V



I thought programming was very interesting. 

I am a Pisces. Double Fish

Rebecca W



I've wanted to do it since 7th grade, and for the new opportunities. 

I am a semi-professional whistler.

Hannah W

 2019 I wanted to learn things. I dream of fighting a bear.

Doris X


I felt that the Force was strong in this team.

I later found out that it is!

I've broken an entire hole puncher. A book in my backpack crushed it.