Reason for Joining Robotics

Fun Fact

Amie A


I did robotics in middle school and really liked it.

I write poetry.

Ashleigh B



 Everyone I knew was already here.

 I'm distantly related to Walt Disney.

Hayley B


Robots are just really cool dude. 

I reenact WWE smackdown episodes with gummy bears

Eugenia C


For the free t-shirt. And robots.

I've looked the same since I was five.

Grace D



My friends convinced me.

I am deeply obsessed with The Sound of Music.

Andrea E



I like to build and work with my hands (like building a robot)

My parents have been the franchisees of the Domino's here in Middletown for over 10 years

Stephanie F


I was bored.

I really love otters. 

Devon G



I love hands-on activities and working with technology.

I am a pro bowler....on Wii Sports.

Samantha G


Because I like building and I want to be an engineer.

 I light up the stage with my rows of lights and my talent 

Madeline K


It's cool and the people are cool.

I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd.

Caroline K


To learn how to run a business, so I can make a lot of money to fund my presidential campaign.

In second grade I wrote a story about a duckling traveling to France.

Janelle M


I really love robots and want to hug one. They're adorable!

I'm an anime fanatic.

Alondra M



I like the tiger logo with sunglasses and sun necklace

My first cosplay was Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

Suzanne O 


To work with cool mentors.

I only watch Spongebob episodes made before 2005. After that, it's a no.

Krisha P





 To make friends. I really need friends. 

I can speak English, partially Spanish, Gujarati, and I can sort of speak Hindi. 

Mikayla P


I did it in middle school and wanted to continue with it.

I really like the song Hollaback Girl.

Shanbano R


I joined the team cause I thought it'd be like the battle of the bots, but my expectations were low key destroyed. 

I can speak Urdu, English, partially Arabic, and I hope to be fluent in Spanish within the next few years.

Molly R


I want to improve my art and writing skills.

If I'm not married by the time I'm 65, I'm adopting 20 cats!

Celia R



I thought it would be fun.

I consider myself a cat lady.

Alex V



I thought programming was very interesting. 

I am a Pisces. Double Fish

Charlotte W






My family has a boat named Eboliant, it means bubbly.





Rebecca W


I've wanted to do it since 7th grade, and for the new opportunities. 

I can name every element in the periodic table, in order, in a minute and three seconds. 

Hannah W


 2019 I wanted to learn things. I dream of fighting a bear.

Doris X

2019 I like math and tech. I love the atmosphere I've broken an entire whole puncher. A book in my backpack crushed it.