TechTigers 3654

How did we get started?


On October 25, 2010, ten students and four faculty members of Mercy High School, along with eight  prospective mentors, met with two representatives of FIRST and were introduced to the FIRST program. We had a successful rookie year, building a team, a robot, and winning the “Rookie Inspiration” award!

Our team goals are to build functioning robots, gel into a strong team, establish community outreach with area elementary and middle schools, and meld FIRST’s “gracious professionalism” with Mercy’s “charism” of hospitality and the advancement of women.

The TechTigers were chosen to appear in a video as an example of Subway “High School Heroes” and were also featured in a UTC FIRST promotional video. We represented FIRST at the Hartford Health Expo, the Women of Innovation Awards, and at the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce Expo. We have provided demonstrations at the Children’s Museum in West Hartford, for Girl Scouts Meetings, and for an engineering golf tournament. For the past two years, on  New Year’s Eve we demonstrate the robot and teach interactive science demonstrations with “Matt’s Lab” at the “Midnight on Main” celebration in Middletown, CT. The Mercy High School Alumna Facebook page has posted a picture and short story about the team. We have had articles and pictures appear in the Hartford Courant, Middletown Press, our own web page, and in a UTC employee newsletter. We publish a monthly newsletter, TechTiger Talk, and had an interview on the public radio show, “All Things Considered”.

As an all female team, our diversity of age, academic abilities, backgrounds, interests and perspective in problem solving, and the desire to share all that we have learned with others are our greatest strengths.