Year: 2017

Robot Number: Seven

Name: Nautilus

Name of the Game: Steamworks

Game Animation 

Goal of the GameThere are multiple ways to score points.  Robots can fire balls, known as “fuel,” into boilers on either side of the field.  Most, like Nautilus, raced around the field to collect gears that are delivered to the airships in the center of each side.  Finally, at 30 seconds, ropes are dropped from the airships and the robots climb them before the timer runs out.

Design of Robot:  Nautilus featured a compact cubic design.  The electronics inside were protected by a sloped, walled piece of sturdy plastic, which also served as the slide for the gears to be fed into the robot.  The mechanism that placed the gears on the peg was shaped like a “V” and used pneumatics to open and close it, to hold and drop a gear.  Our climb was a cylinder that tapered in the middle, using Velcro to grip the rope.  It wound in a circle to climb.  As the robot climbed, the actual mechanism would flip up with the use of bearings, and the plastic circles on either side were used to add some extra height to activate the touchpad.