Year: 2016

Number: 6

Name: Nessie

Name of the Game: FIRST Stronghold

Game Animation

Goal of the Game: To gain points either by scoring in high or low goals, climbing or by crossing various "defenses" set up in the middle of the field. The different defenses can be changed out and have unigue rules applying to each to defenses.

Design of the Robot:  A shooter, at a set shooting angle, using 3 wheels: One for picking up, two for shooting. The robot has a camera used for aiming. The back of the robot had a pulling mechanism, which featured a hook, to manipulate defenses. Rhino treads were used for the drive train. The robot also featured a skid plate on the bottom to protect from defenses. 


Year: 2016

Number: 7

Name: Fira

Position: Practice Robot